Monday, August 13, 2007

Question Time Take 2

Today I once again viewed Question Time, and although I would not say the experience was riveting, I most definitely took more from it than last time. The senate assembled to discuss what policies are best for Australia and its people. Majority of arguments were in regards to interest rates and home loans and were directed towards Nick Minchin, the Liberal’s Finance and Administration Senator representing the Prime Minister. I myself am not a supporter of the liberal party; however I was impressed with this man’s ability to answer every question directed at him. He danced around: interest rates; climate change; farmers battling the drought; and even America’s War on Iraq. I found the little man quite interesting to watch; as Zoe taught us to: bridge; never answer the question; and pump out key messages, I thought he must have been very well trained as he did all of this with ease. Did you know the Iraqi people want us in Iraq? Apparently they do as Mr Minchin tells Leader of the Democrats Senator Allison. I found that particular comment highly amusing, as the man clearly has no idea what an Australian 20 year old female university student wants, I question his ability to know what any Iraqi’s want. I found this almost as amusing as the Liberals Senator Trood displaying his disgust at Australia’s secondary school syllabus as apparently we are not being taught values as our texts are not of Australian “rich heritage.” He is appalled that our texts that are drawn from everyday society and instead analyse sexism, racism and bias in our “hegemonic society.” What a joke. He wants us to take values from Australian poems? Yet wants us to ignore the sexism and racism that IS rampant in this country? I did study Shakespeare, Australian history, the World Wars, the Palestine and Israeli conflict, and the one component of my high school education that I value the most highly is Frontline, so as far as I am concerned keep Mr Trood away from our education system, please!
Besides this, I was highly entertained (and frustrated) at all politicians ability to avoid answering the questions, instead directing their precious time towards defaming the opposition. As the liberal’s would say “everything that is wrong with their government is because they have had to clear labours huge debt from Keating”, and as labour would say “How have ‘working families in Australia have never been better off’ as liberals have broken their promise to keep interests rates record low.” Mum always wanted me to go into politics, no bloody way.

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