Thursday, August 9, 2007

Questions about Question Time

Today was the first day I subjected myself to Question Time, and it left me with more questions than answers it provided.

With limited prior knowledge of the broadcast, fuzzy reception (so I could not make out the names) and a killer headache, I struggled to understand the exact formalities of the 'show' (and I do indeed call it a show as some of the 'answers' seemed very well rehearsed).

I came to the conclusion that everyone asks everyone else questions, the parties not in power of the states attack those with power, who in turn attack the federal government and it all seems a bit of a run around. When a leader of this country answers "fair dinkum" one must be concerned about who's in charge.

Topics ranged from: the increase of wages v. increase in rent; sales tax; the Aboriginal Centerlink; childcare; petrol; food; and the 'average Australian's' cost of living. All which I deem as a complete joke because as if any of those politician's are the 'average Australian' which they all claim to represent so reverently.


Lou Veyret said...

hey alex - glad to see you've started looking at the other half of this subject - i haven't even gotten around to it yet.

Although, parliamentary q. time sounds like its not that enthralling :p

I love how politcians claim to know the 'average Australian' - it just reminds me of watching A Current Affair or Today Tonight, where they try to represent the 'aussie battler'. I think watching Lateline in highschool totally ruined current affairs programs for me, I can't help but laugh!
haha essay by lou there!

Donald said...

Alex, good stuff- like your approach and your polemic- feisty and insightful. Maintain the intensity. Change can only happen when committed people express themselves.
Also well done on listing all the participants on your blogroll. Could have saved myself a lot of time! Donald